Join an accounting firm that’s less firm, more flexible.

我们是精明、创新、热爱乐趣的金融服务专业人士,明升体育app下载价值观有助于职业发展. We have a passion for doing the right thing for our clients and for you.

We are accounting artisans, not mass made. Here, you are a one-of-a-kind addition to a dynamic team. We share an entrepreneurial spirit that is downright contagious. 在LBMC,我们热情欢迎你成为什么样的人,并培养你成为什么样的人.

LBMC Culture

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What is the culture like at LBMC?

A culture of caring and support

  • Flexibility and autonomy to do your best work
  • Inclusive environment where you will feel like you belong
  • Teammates who like to collaborate and have fun
  • Professional growth and advancement opportunities
  • Opportunities for community involvement

For our company, high morale is just as crucial as high performance, so we are creating a “one-firm, one-team” environment, working collectively to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, we reinforce and promote a nimble, 创新的绩效文化,提供世界一流的制度和发展机会. 我们提供一个支持和灵活的工作场所,明升体育app下载团队成员从不停止学习. We know that culture is not only about what happens at work, but it’s about how work supports your life, too.

A culture of growth.

We’re serious about helping clients grow, but we can only do that by helping our team members grow, too. 对我们来说,增长是一项集体行动,需要并惠及全体.

As one of the top firms in the U.S., we are able to offer you more than just a job; we offer you a future that is as bright as you want to make it. We are expanding our services, clients, team members and reach. LBMC is working diligently to develop a unique, collaborative culture with a focus on coaching and training programs. With an unwavering commitment to developing future leaders in the company.

John Mark McDougal“To me, our future is all about growth. How are we going to grow our business, what clients are we going to serve, what communities are we going to be in? But most importantly, how are we going to grow our team members?”John Mark McDougal, CPA, Audit and Assurance, LBMC, PC

We are initiating smart growth. That is, intentional, measured, and focused on fit. 成为全方位服务不仅仅是我们提供的服务和产品——它是关于 meaningful relationships and how they drive the conversation. 我们正在通过先进的基础设施来完善跨团队协作,这些基础设施包含了明升体育app下载经验和专业知识. We are leveraging relationships across the firm and the country as we do by investing in team members through our learning and development programs. We are focusing our efforts on expanding our current client relationships and service offerings. 我们预测他们的需求,并提供咨询以及合规/监管服务. We are expanding our offerings outside of Tennessee to become the primary resource across the Southeast. With the introduction of additional practices and services, 通过跨团队合作,我们已经发展成为一家提供全方位服务的咨询公司.

Mark Burnette“What sets us apart is actually our people. There are other firms that offer services similar to ours, 但我们与其他公司建立如此密切的个人关系的方式是不同的,这使我们能够继续发展.” – Mark Burnette, CPA, CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CCSFP, QSA,咨询服务组长,LBMC, PC

Growth at LBMC

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信任过程始于改进过程,这就是我们要做的. Anyone can join the competition and emulate their success. At LBMC, do our research and tweak what we’re already doing and well. We weigh the ROI of new tech, 因此,我们可以继续提升客户和团队成员的整体体验. With smart investments in people, processes, and technology, 我们努力超越客户的期望,在竞争中保持领先地位. 技术并没有取代与客户和团队成员之间有意义的互动. 它被用来支持明升体育app下载客户的需求,并为他们提供选择,使他们的旅程与LBMC和一个简单的.

Client Experience

我们正在共同开发一种体验,培养的不仅仅是满意的客户. 在LBMC,我们团结一致,确保每一位与我们合作的客户都成为明升体育app下载狂热粉丝. 我们将超越卓越的客户服务,并确保客户热情地与世界其他地方分享他们的经验. 我们继续开发更复杂的解决方案组合,同时保持我们对中端市场客户的关注,并帮助他们提供先进的问题解决方案和独特的解决方案. As we build on a culture that support an LBMC client experience, we are developing into advisors that offer excellent compliance services. 我们正在加强努力,扩大外联,以保持领先地位. 我们正在向数字化新时代发展,在所有渠道提供一致的客户体验. 我们让客户能够在他们想要的时候和他们想要的方式与我们互动.

Suzanne Reed“Client experience is not just client satisfaction; it’s creating that raving fan. It’s creating an environment where our clients know they are first priority, and it’s where our clients become our largest referral sources.”Suzanne Reed, MBA, CMO, LBMC, PC

Client Experience at LBMC

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Women’s Initiative Network


WIN@LBMC is a community dedicated to attracting, retraining, developing, encouraging and supporting women within LBMC.


WIN@LBMC是一个由员工指导委员会领导的亲和团体,致力于发展LBMC所有女性员工的技能. WIN@LBMC指导委员会向300多名LBMC员工征求反馈意见,以帮助指导集团的发展和社会活动方向. We frequently hold networking events, 主持女性领导小组讨论,参加行业网络研讨会.


What is WIN?

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LBMC Young Professionals

Created to foster leadership, promote teamwork and grow community networks, 青年专业人员(YP)计划为LBMC的新员工提供充足的职业发展机会和支持.

Available to those in the first seven years of their professional careers, we deliver training, coaching and ongoing access to experts and resources. The YPs direct all program aspects, from budgeting to volunteering, allowing them to build their experience. In direct response to YP input, LBMC provides team-building activities, 志愿者机会和成为非营利组织董事会成员的途径.

An illustration of how much LBMC values our people, 青年专业人员计划培养顶尖人才,并留用数年.

Diversity and Inclusion at LBMC

明升体育app下载团队成员、客户和我们工作的社区的承诺. At LBMC, 明升体育app下载使命是每天为明升体育app下载客户和彼此提供最好的服务,这植根于我们独特的差异.  Our engagement, 当团队成员有平等的机会和参与时,成长和成功是最好的. 多样性通过将我们与社区联系起来并推动创新,为LBMC带来了价值.

LBMC为所有员工和申请人提供平等的就业机会. We recruit, employ, train, compensate and promote without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic disposition, neurodiversity, disability, veteran status or any other protected category under federal, state and local law.

LBMC Cares

Committed to making our community better.

At LBMC, we place a priority on community, both inside LBMC and outside. Each year, LBMC holds our Lending Hands initiative, 它允许员工在明升体育app下载每个市场中选择当地的非营利组织,并在一周的营业时间内做志愿者. Learn more about LBMC Cares.